Your mobile number will be 13 digits from 1 July, big news for everyone

Your mobile number will be 13 digits from 1 July, big news for everyone

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friends today I'm going to tell great news. It is important for everyone to know that the number of mobile numbers will be increased from 10 numbers to 13 points from July 1.
The fact is that the SIM number of telecom companies is going down steadily.

You may have seen that the person who takes the card of Geo is starting from number 62. And the more you go down, the number is going down. And the customers are having problems that if they call from that number then no one raises the phone and raises a lot later.

This is the fact that on the social media over the past several days, what is being detected as viral is related to the mobile number and that is why people hesitate to take a strange number of phones. Now there is no problem because now everyone has been informed. And do not be afraid of instantly spread out on social media because it is mostly false.

The thing to see now is that in the coming days, the telecom companies are preparing for the 13 digits. It has not disclosed how it will be updated. Old numbers can also be updated in this.

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